Custom Luxury American and European Quality Furniture at China Pricing


HotelRTG is an international product sourcing company. We supply the highest quality materials from anywhere in the world and manufacture the finished goods with meticulous attention to detail in China. With 30 years of experience, we know exactly how to impress your guests.

Don't worry if you don't see something you like in our showroom: we specialize in custom orders!

In fact, most of our luxury hotel furniture items are custom orders. You can either bring us a fully-formed design that our team will produce for you, or we can connect you with many different experienced designers.


Feel like part of the team with our design and manufacturing procedure

We personally meet with our clients at their property to review their requirements for the interiors of their hotels. We will assist in preparation of the budget for FF&E and work to achieve this budget while pursuing the highest quality available for your budget.

We work to upgrade the customer’s products wherever possible without increasing the budget.

We are better than choosing a Chinese agent. When you choose us, you get our experienced professional team and personalized service. We discuss all the details of your project ourselves, and work with you to find the best prices. Most agents in Hong Kong and China are just factory sourcing agents that live in Asia. They locate factories for products that you are looking to purchase. They charge a 5% to 10% fee to over see the purchases but do not have the expertise in the quality control of the products being purchased.

HotelRTG, for a slightly higher fee structure, has professional engineers and experienced quality control staff to cover all aspects from design and development to quality control of the products. We have reduced our showrooms in Canada and USA to pilot offices with low overhead. We are able to put all of our efforts and costs into our China consulting and product sourcing team, and pass on these savings to you. Instead, check out our virtual showroom.

Be Involved as Much or as little as you like

If our customers would like to make all their selections from the factory showrooms in China we will arrange for them to come to China to see for themselves. A trip to China also helps us help the client negotiate for better products without a price increase. For example, if we notice a problem with the pre-production sample, negotiations are easier if the client can see the problem be there while we discuss with the factory’s management.

For customers that do not want to be this involved in the project or have a designer of choice, we will deliver the sample room to their location for their final review and approval prior to commencing production of their order.

We negotiate for you, so we can save you more money

After the design and product selection phases, we obtain pricing by tendering your requests to 3-5 factories. Large product orders get the best pricing when we shop around this way. We finalize your production budget and schedule a PPS to be created.

At the PPS stage we evaluate everything in the room, and fix any problems that arise. We check the stability of the furniture, moisture test, shine test, and test the materials to match the specification. Before approving the mass production, we review the shop drawings and changes with the chosen factory.

When we say custom we mean we can provide anything you want

HotelRTG can supply a range of design styles. We have furnished rooms for every style imaginable. Themed rooms, and classic rooms - both are a breeze for our team. We recreate specific fabrics, import materials from your desired source, and do everything we can to deliver your desired look. Our production team consists of skilled project managers and designers, carpenters, finishers, etc… Their skills blend to create the unique hotel furniture that HotelRTG supplies. Together they build beautiful furniture that will impress all of your guests.

If design services are required, we can help. Once the design criteria are determined we will assist with choosing all interior items including electrical products, plumbing products, case goods, soft seating, granite, quartz, fabrics, wall coverings, linens, amenities, and outdoor furniture, just to name a few.

For the case goods, our engineers prepare shop drawings that are reviewed with the Client and their designers prior to preparation of the PPS (pre-production samples).

HotelRTG offers transparent pricing policies, so you know exactly what you are getting.

When you choose HotelRTG, you choose to let us help you save money. We work within your budget and keep our pricing transparent. As a consultant, when you come to China with us, we even try to negotiate a better price for you. Luxury Products at Economy Pricing!

In order for us to be the most efficient team that we possibly can, we like to have from 6 months to 1 year to work with you on your project. This time frame allows us to produce the highest quality and obtain the best pricing to ultimately save you the most money possible.

Stephen Webster
President/CEO of HotelRTG

We stick to delivery schedules because we know your time is important.

HotelRTG understands that your time is valuable. After the PPS is approved, we finalize the production schedule with the factories and manufacturer to meet the client’s delivery schedule. You will be notified of your order status throughout production.We want you to see that your order is right on schedule.

We care about customer satisfaction, so we check on your order every step of the way.

We have engineers and quality control staff at every department of the manufacturing stages from material selection, white wood, assembly, sanding and preparation for painting, paint department, final inspection, packing and loading of the containers. Our quality control team triple checks your order before it leaves our warehouse. We want you to love the product that is delivered to your door.

HotelRTG handles all logistics with the shipments to the customer’s door.

Client satisfaction is important to us. We coordinate with brokers and shipping companies for you, as well as customs and administration. You don't have to worry about anything while you wait for your delivery. Container consolidation is completed at our soft seating factory that is partner owned by our mother company Webco Enterprises Ltd., which has been importing for over 30 years.

No installation crew? No problem! HotelRTG has affiliation to installation companies that can install all of the products supplied by us.

We look forward to working with you as your China office team! Call us at 403.383.4214 to talk to one of our team members.